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Custom made Armitas & Chinks. Also Kids Armitas & Chinks for the little ones!
DVD's and Books by Peter Campbell & Buck Brannaman
Bosals, Bosalitos, Bosal Hangers & Bosal Shapers, Curb Straps, Get Down Ropes, Halters & Leads, Headstalls, Slobber Straps
Ray Holes Saddle Butter & Rawhide Cream, Skidmore's Leather Cream & Waterproofing
XXXSoft Nylon Lariat Rope, White Poly Lariat Rope, 4strand Tan Poly Lariat Rope. Various Metal and Rawhide Hondas.
Quality Handmade Wade Saddles
Buck Straps, Breast Collars, Cinchas, Hobbles, Shooflys, Stirrups, and Mule Hide horn wraps.
Snaffle Bits by Jeremiah Watt Products
Several items that have been sitting on the shelf here in the shop and must go.
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