Custom Buckaroo Gear Armitas

Custom Buckaroo Gear Armitas

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Armitas (meaning little armor) were the leggins' of the vaquero. Originally made of deer or elk hide, these are a stylistic copy of the early Armitas. We prefer to make these with glove soft cow hide. Some hides may have minor blemishes such as brands or barb wire scratches that add, uniqueness and character to the Armitas. We can make them fixed leg (step in) or with the more common straps clips. They feature extra long fringe, a wrap and tie belt or buckle belt with fringed waist flap. These Armitas are very comfortable and functional.

All Armitas are made to order per your specifications. Please measure carefully. We take your measurements and build you a unique pair of Armitas.

We believe that fringe should extend to just short of the top of your boot, we use the out-seam measurement to achieve this. If you would like your fringe to fall shorter on your leg please provide us with a shorter out-seam measurement.
Chap Leather
For warmer climates most prefer the lighter weight glove soft hide. Weight may vary between 3.5 to 4.5oz. For those in colder climates we can get heavier weighted leather with the same glovey feel, this leather falls in the 5 - 6oz. weight range. Please Specify Below.
Generally we build most of our chinks in traditional colors, such as Butter/Tan, Chocolate (Dark Brown), Cream, Tobacco (Brown/Clay). Click Here For Color Samples. Due to the hide market color availability may vary and is subject to change.  We're also happy to send you samples of colors we currently have available. Although; a wide variety of other colors are also available upon request; these colors may require an additional charge. Please Specify Below.

Xtra Large or Oversize Orders will be subject to an Upcharge

Chap Hide Color Chart

Traditional Base Price-(No Hardware).
The traditional style will have step in legs (fixed leg, put em' on like a pair of jeans) with a wrap and tie waist belt, this belt is tied in the front. The belt is made of thin but strong leather as to not make the knot in front bulky. The knot is hidden under the front fringe apron.


Waist Belt Option-For those of you who don't want the wrap and tie waist belt, we provide a rear buckle type belt. This belt is 1-1/4" wide with the buckle on the left side. Some folks prefer this because they can run the belt through the center/rear belt loop on their jeans.
Leg Strap Option-For those of you who don't care for the 'step-in' style legs we can provide adjustable straps and clips. D rings are positioned on the outside thigh while adjustable straps, (2 per leg) come around the leg with the common chink quick clips.
Pocket-You may add a flap style pocket please specify which leg.
Scalloped Leg Plate- This is a signature look of our Armitas. Rather than using chap leather for the leg plate we use Tooling & Strap leather in a classy scalloped design and Border stamp it. Click here for an example. You can also see a pair below, on the very bottom.

Two tone coloring, or fringe also available, please contact us for pricing.

How to Measure:

Note: Please take the time to have someone measure you. We often see errors when one tries to measure him/herself. Use a cloth or tailors measuring tape if possible.

Waist Measurement:
Diameter of the waist where you normally wear your chaps/chinks. Measure over your jeans or whatever you normally wear under your chinks/chaps.

From the bottom of the crotch to where you took the waist measurement.

Upper Thigh:
Diameter around the thigh just below the crotch.

Mid Thigh:
Diameter around the thigh between the knee and crotch.

This measurement is used to determine the overall length of your Chinks/Armitas. From the top the top belt to the end of the fringe (where the fringe stops). We think on Chinks or Armitas the fringe should stop about 1-2 inches above the toe of your boot, some people prefer them long some shorter this is entirely up to you.

Waist to Knee:
This measurement helps us to ensure that there is plenty of leather coverage below the knee before the fringe cut line starts. For this measurement please measure from where you took the "Waist" measurement down the front of your leg to the middle of you knee cap.

From the bottom of the crotch to just above the top of the foot. This measurement help us determine if all the above measurements given are accurate.

What size jeans do you wear?:
Please provide the waist and inseam size of the jeans you normally ride in. (these numbers will almost always be smaller than your actual waist and length measurements) This also helps us determine if all the above measurements given are accurate.

Delivery time depends on our current work load. All custom Armitas & Chinks are hand made one at a time. If you would like to know what current estimated lead time is please email or call us.

New Instructional Video on How to Measure (click here)

Please Also Note:
If you use this online ordering system you will be charged in full up front for the total cost of your custom Armitas or Chinks. There are no refunds on custom Armita or Chink orders. No Exceptions. If you'd rather not pay in full up front you can place a deposit HERE to put your order on the books. When doing the deposit only option please call with your measuerments and order details.

Xtra Large or Oversize Orders will be subject to an Upcharge

Visit our BuckarooGear Armitas photo Gallery. Click Here

The Difference Between BuckarooGear Armitas and GreatBasin Armitas a two part video.

Part 1

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The Absolute Best

- 01/30/2009

There is no substitution for fine work and Carlos always seems to out do himself. I greatly appreciate not only the quality of workmanship, but customer service. Here's to you Vaquero.

Traditional Armitas

- 04/17/2008

Just wanted to say these armitas are first class. Carlos does a great job. I ordered them over the phone he got the measurements perfect, and he got them done on time. I will be doing business with him again.

thank you Carlos


- 03/24/2008

Practical, handy and good looking to boot.Cant go wrong.

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