Belt Basket Stamped 1-1/4" - Small/Petite
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Belt Basket Stamped 1-1/4" - Small/Petite

This doubled and stitched basket stamped belt measures Approx. 1-1/4" wide by 36-/12" long (overall). With length of 29" from buckle fold back to center hole. 7 adjustment holes total. (see measurement info below) Antique Finished, Light Oil

This belt is a part of a run of belts that I made to experiment with a new Antiqued finish process. This particular belt has a wave in the width(see photos) This does not affect the the integrity of durability of the belt in any way.

For reference here are the measurement specifications if you wish to compare to a current belt you already own:

IMPORTANT: Do not include buckle length in measurement. Measurements are from where the leather folds over the buckle.

If you don't have a belt you can reference your jean size, with your jean size you will add 6.

Example: I wear 34x40 Jeans.. My belt size would be 40 (34+6).. the over all length of the belt would be 43" This is the measurement from the fold over to the end of the belt.

Belt Measurement Where to measure from

*All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of this belt.

Belt Sizing Chart
Jean Size (waist) Belt Size Actual Belt Length (inches)
30 36 39"
32 38 41"
34 40 43"
36 42 45"
38 44 47"
Manufacturer BuckarooGear
Price: $55.00
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