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Getting a Horse Ready To Load Into the Trailer

Getting a Horse Ready To Load Into the Trailer

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Loading a horse into the trailer can be one of the most frustrating experiences of horse ownership. Oftentimes we wait until we have to load a horse to even think about getting him into the trailer. Whether there's a natural disaster, a trip to the vet or wanting to go ride with friends somewhere else, waiting until you have to go to load a horse is not a good idea.

In this DVD Peter Campbell demonstrates how you might get a horse ready to load into the trailer. Using four horses just run in from pasture on the ranch, he gets each one ready in the time that horse needs to feel comfortable on his own about loading. Some horses take just a few minutes; others longer. The point is not the time that it takes, but that when each horse decides he is ready to load, he does so with ease and confidence. Enjoy watching this horseman set each horse up for success and confidence through good preparation. Each horse comes to this project with a different set of experiences and personalities; and each of them explores this process differently.

We hope that this DVD gives you an understanding of how to prepare your horse to load into the trailer and gives you some ideas and approaches to help it be safe and comfortable for your horse.


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