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PC1 Colt Starting - First Touch (DVD)

PC1 Colt Starting - First Touch (DVD)

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Come with Peter and a 4 month-old colt raised on the Hat Creek Ranch and see the tender moments of the first touch. It is a perfect example of feel, timing, and balance. Peter's ability to read the horse and not force an issue shows the viewer how simple it can be to work your colt for the first time.

With his kind hands and a wealth of knowledge Peter is able to bring the spirit and soul of the colt to a safe state, where a human being is a good thing. See how non-stressful the situation of working your colt for the first time can be, with key pointers that Peter thoroughly explains. This video is the perfect example of what true horsemanship is. If you are looking for the very best of good horsemanship, pick up this tape today; there is nothing like it on the market.


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