PC4 Horsemanship - Everyday Basics (DVD)

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For the first time ever on film, Peter Campbell explains in depth his philosophy of horses and training. He combines this with simple exercises that confirm the truest form of Peter's horse ability. With an uncanny ability for reading a horse and an outstanding talent for explaining the situation, this tape offers new horse owners safe, basic ways of working around your horse.

Have a colt? This tape is a benefit to see the way you can "check the gauge" on your horse to see if all is safe. Think youre a top notch hand? Listen intensely to Peters philosophy, see faultless techniques for working your horse, and see what you are heading for as a master horseman. As a special bonus, Peter takes you outside on his ranch in Wheatland to show you how to use your environment as an exercise tool, to learn about backing up, side passing, shaping your horse on the circle, and so much more. This is a tape that everyone who rides, beginner or expert, needs in their library.