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Willing Partners: Insight on Stockmanship by Peter Campbell (Paperback)

Willing Partners: Insight on Stockmanship by Peter Campbell (Paperback)

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Over years of watching Peter work, I’ve come to believe that his role as a horse clinician is misunderstood. He’s not there just to help the horse. He does clinics to help individuals, his students, so they can help their horses. - Idaho master saddle maker Dale Harwood

In Willing Partners, Peter Campbell, one of North America’s most influential horsemen and horsemanship educators, shares with readers his personal lifelong journey with horses -- an experience guided by mentors that have included icons such as Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt -- and offers his insight on such topics as colt starting, bridle-horse progression, and cow work, three of the greatest challenges riders confront.

In straightforward, down-to-earth language, Campbell equips riders with the knowledge they need to achieve meaningful progress with their horses, along the way inspiring confidence and dispelling common myths about horse-handling. Willing Partners is a valuable addition to any rider’s library, and a worthy continuation of the educational traditions begun by Tom Dorrance.

Peter Campbell is a lifelong horseman. He spends 40 weeks each year traveling from coast to coast, conducting clinics on colt starting, horsemanship, ranch roping and cow work. Peter and his wife, Trina, own the Hat Creek Ranch, a horse and cattle operation located outside Wheatland, Wyoming.

Paperback 75 pages.


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