Armitas, BuckarooGear or GreatBasin Style. What's the difference?

In this 2 part video series I discuss the differences between the BuckarooGear and GreatBasin Armitas. As you may know Custom Chinks, Chaps, and Armitas are a main-stay here at BuckarooGear. I produced these videos to help you identify the difference features and options on both styles of chinks. I know understanding the options, features, and differences will help you decide which style of custom Armitas is right for you.  Some of the topics covered: 
  • BuckarooGear Armitas the original
  • Belt configuration 
  • Differences in construction on BuckarooGear vs. GreatBasin Armitas (apron/belt top)
  • Leg Closure Step-Ins/Buckles/Clips 
  • The design reasoning behind the GreatBasin Armitas
  • Detail of the flap style pocket
  • Detail of the punched and sewn fringe line boarder
  • Mecate loop is only available with the GreatBasin style
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly. Regards,  Carlos Voice/Txt: 916-224-0553 Video will auto Play to Part 2 if you continue to watch to the end of part one. Or watch on YouTube by clicking HERE

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