John Willemsma Saddle Co.

John has been building high quality handmade saddles for 43+ years. Day working on several ranches during this period, has given him an appreciation of the importance of function and fit of a custom saddle.

John Willemsma has had the great fortune of being able to study under renowned craftsmen, such as Don King, Dale Harwood and Chuck Stormes. Combining the knowledge he gained from them, and his study of early saddleries particularly Visalia, Hamley and Ray Holes, John brings a strong desire for high standards to each and every saddle that he builds.
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K&K Western Designs

Kim was raised in a suburban neighborhood while dreaming of horses and wide open spaces. After 25 years in the city and riding horses at a boarding stable, she’s finally found peace in a rural lifestyle. Kim’s appreciation of all things western lends to her creative eye, making one of kind beaded and leather jewelry designs.

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Cal Middleton Horsemanship

Cal is a lifelong student of the horse, he has been a working cowboy, a horse trainer, a professional judge, and has also worked in public and private schools specializing in children with behavioral needs. 
Cal now travels throughout the World conducting horsemanship clinics, and provides customized horse training and horsemanship services. In 2016, Whirlybird press published Cal’s first book, entitled “Cal Middleton on Horses and Life”. In 2019, Cal endeavored into a new project called “ The Horses and Life Podcast”. If you are a podcast listener, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

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Trina Morris Horsemanship

Trina travels throughout the U.S. and Canada conducting horsemanship clinics. With over 30 years of horsemanship experience she a very unique teacher with her own brand of realism and humor. Trina was raised on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Her horseback life and journey in horsemanship began when she was two years old, riding in a packbox to Mt Assiniboine, learning the tricks of the trade from her farrier, teamster and outfitter father.
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Kip Fladland Horsemanship

Growing up on his grandfather’s ranch in Montana, horses have been an integral part of Kip’s life from the beginning. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s of Science degree with an emphasis in livestock production management, Kip went to work on several large cattle ranches. It was during this time that he first met Buck Brannaman. Buck showed Kip that the horse had more to offer if you presented the information to him so he could understand it.

Since 2003, Kip has been bringing the knowledge and experience he gained while working for Buck to the horses he rides for the public. His clients come from all over the country and include everything from Quarter Horses and Warmbloods to mules and draft horses.

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