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IWB/Concealed Carry Holster - Medium Size

IWB/Concealed Carry Holster - Medium Size

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As you may know IWB (inside the waist band) holsters are designed to help with concealed carry of your handgun. With many options on the market, availability is abundant. However not all are created equal. Functionality, comfort, universal fit, and most of all durability, are a must for everyday carry. Which is why we felt compelled to offer this holster as part of our regular product lineup.

The holster is constructed of horsehide leather, naturally known for superior durability and shape retention, which works in conjunction with an Ulti Clip for positive attachment to the waist band of your jeans/shorts. This means a belt is not required to wear with this holster, although a belt can be easily worn without issue. The Ulti Clip is excellent for this application, as it provides maximum clamping for attachment of the holster to the waist band, and infinite holster positioning on your waist, accommodating appendix position all around to the small of the back.

This Holster Fits The Following Compact & Sub-Compact Make/Models:

  • Smith & Wesson - M&P Shield, 908, 3913
  • Glock - 26 & 27
  • Ruger - LC9
  • Springfield - EMP

Currently only carrying the Right Hand version only. Left hand available on special order.
Handmade by Nichole Ferry.


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